The work environment is more generationally diverse now than at any other time in recent history. Common conflicts may arise among the mixed generations, but organizations can keep training events on track with proper design and delivery.

In her recent article in the April 2014 issue of T+D, “Embrace Differences When Training Intergenerational Groups,” operational trainer April Ort  explains that the key to successfully training these diverse groups is to promote understanding, facilitate communication, and provide flexibility.  

According to Ort, the first step in understanding the differences present among these generations is to examine the motivation behind those differences. Next, all generations need to see the relevancy of training to their current job. “This is a critical point in gaining the trust and acceptance of the learners,” writes Ort.


In addition, Ort advises trainers and instructional designers to focus on minimizing conflict and leveraging the varied strengths of each generation. Likewise, they must consider the values and learning styles of all generations while planning and facilitating group activities.

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