No doubt, learning objectives are often an undervalued part of the design process, but they shouldn’t be. Strong objectives set the stage for meaningful learning by providing a road map to the end goal. The most effective learning objectives are precise—allowing you to observe what should happen in a training program, and then measure whether the training program is a success. They tell your learners what you want them to know and do—clearly and concisely—and then help managers, leaders, and organizations measure their progress toward that knowledge and skill.

Do most of your learning objectives start with “know” and “understand?” If so, you are not alone. What’s more, it may be time to check out ATD’s Essentials of Writing Impactful Learning Objectives. In this practical and collaborative class, you will get practical, easy-to-use techniques for writing learning objectives that are behavior-focused and measurable. You will review methods that show you why your objectives matter and how tying them to learning outcomes supports learning goals.

For more details on this program check out this short video: