My recent book, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work, provides key research-based principles that will help you to be a more effective leader. The book addresses questions such as, “What is positivity?” and “Why is positivity so important for leaders?”

Here is an excerpt:

Positivity starts with the leader. My review of the research leads me to what might be called “creating a positive mindset.” The collective findings can be expressed in three simple steps. To increase positivity, and consequently productivity, leaders should: get social in their relationships, get strong at work, and get positive in their activities. Below I elaborate on two of the three.

Get social in their relationships

We are all social animals who thrive on relationships with those around us. Engaging in significant relationships will especially ground leaders in reality. Such engaged relationships help leaders increase their own positivity, even in the face of the inevitable daily pressures of life. A review of the research reveals that for any leader there are three important relationships: family, friends, and coworkers (which includes bosses, peers, and direct reports).


Get positive in their activities

Get fit and enjoy a much better life. Getting fit on several levels—physically, mentally, and emotionally—ensures a higher quality of life and helps you enjoy the gifts and endure the strains of life. Just as an in-shape football player can break for daylight, score a touchdown, and savor the crowd’s response, he’s equally able to take a hard hit and bounce back without injury, either physical or emotional. Let’s explore ways to get physically, mentally, and emotionally in shape.

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