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May 23, 2012 - by Sam Herring
Date: May 23, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern time


Nimble. Flexible. Agile. Winning organizations today are those who are able to respond to dynamic market conditions and rapidly seize opportunities.  This requires professionals wired to continuously learn, apply, innovate, and share their wisdom. Old models of learning are failing to keep up with the accelerated realities of business today--speed of change, shrinking cycle times, disruptive technologies, heightened uncertainty, and more. New models of agile learning that leverage informal learning technologies are required to augment and extend formal learning.

As learning professionals, what are we to make of the explosion of new user technologies that show so much promise to enable informal learning?  How do we tap the potential of technologies such as collaboration tools, social networks, cloud computing and more into effective learning solutions that achieve tangible results?  Today, we are inundated with a panacea of new technologies and the promise of the next great tool that will revolutionize business and learning.  Learning professionals must understand how to leverage new technologies in the context of business and social trends to make an impact in their organizations.  What we are missing is a way of thinking about new technologies and business trends that allows us to integrate them effectively into holistic approaches that enhance learning and drive performance.

In this session, the speaker will share informal learning research, trends, and examples that learning professionals can apply to their business environment.  Next, the speaker will share an example business scenario and corresponding informal learning solution, and introduce an exercise with another business scenario. Finally, the speaker will introduce a model for designing an effective technology-enabled informal learning strategy designed for business agility. The session will encourage conversation, dialogue and learning agility in practice!

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the connection between business agility, learning agility and informal learning
  • Apply technology-enabled informal learning research and trends to your business challenge
  • Apply example user scenarios and solutions, and a best practice model for designing an effective technology-enabled informal learning strategy for your organization