What Is Leadership Excellence? ASTD’s Workforce Development Community of Practice wants to help you answer this question, as well as provide you with the solutions for becoming an excellent leader.

You can be a better leader. How? By putting your natural strengths to work. 

Not every employee is the same. They have different personality styles, motivations, and interests. As a result, you can’t treat them all the same and expect the same—and great—results. Indeed, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever—in so many ways. That’s why ASTD developed the Leadership Excellence for Managers workshop.

The workshop is designed to equip organizational leaders and trainers so they can manage across differences to improve employee engagement and productivity. It details concrete strategies and actionable takeaways. You will walk away with an actual individualized strategy plan that addresses the issues that concern you most in your workplace.

Devora Zack, best-selling author of Managing for People Who Hate Managing, and Networking for People Who Hate Networking is facilitating this highly interactive, fun workshop that gives you proven, unique approaches to leadership so you can manage to your own personality style while identifying key strategies to work with various other personality types and across multiple generations.

Past attendees have raved about the event:

  • "Very insightful and great takeaways for work. Great facilitator." "Devora is one of the best facilitators I have experienced. Wonderful information and activities."

Sign up today! You can save $100 if you register before September 6th—and group and government discounts apply.