Great Training takes practice and knowledge of human performance improvement principles. Your job is to evoke a knowledge transfer that makes an impact to specific business results that are measurable and defined. But, not everyone listens to you. (Surprise!)

Here are some solid, human performance principles that you can incorporate into your training regardless of your curriculum that will encourage and motivate anyone.

  • Don't be concerned by bottom line pressures. Prioritize the top 5 things you want to accomplish in the classroom everyday you teach. Tell your students what those priorities are and WHY they are important to you.
  • Tell your students your exact purpose and what is expected of them. Tell them that they have all the talent they need to be successful with a little persistence and determination.
  • Present your ideas for the greater good and make money a secondary focus. Money is a goal that is attained as a result of peak performance and productivity.
  • Focus on performance success. Meet your students where they are and don't get upset when they don't understand. Work with them until they master their skill and "feel" significant to the organization. Be their friend.
  • Love your students like you would love your children, regardless of how old they are or where they came from. Love covers a multitude of mistakes and insecurities. You can be the BEST teacher they ever had.
  • Help your students move from "Me" to "We".
  • Have the courage to stop the training if it is not going the way that you want. Start over and ask your students for help! It will be your BEST class!
  • Let who you ARE speak for what you believe in a politically correct and diverse workplace.
  • Cooperate with Uncertainty. Embrace change.
  • Thank your students for helping you become successful. Your Success is determined by how many people you make successful.