What do Forrester Research, IBM and ADP have in common? Their sales training leaders and other experts from 10 top-performing companies are sharing their insight and knowledge with you at our online-only conference this week.

We kicked off the event yesterday afternoon with a live keynote presentation from Howard Stevens of HR Chally. In his presentation, titled "Processes of World-Class Sales Teams: Critical Steps to Improve Your Sales Results,"Stevens shared with us his thoughts on how sales team managers can be more efficient and data-driven in order to operate at a c-suite level and save their teams and budgets in today's economy. "Today, the c-suite wants strategic partners," Stevens said. "Sales team managers need to focus on the metrics and provide accurate inventories of talent available versus talent needed. They must also develop concrete plans to close the gaps."

From now until July 28 conference participants have the opportunity to learn from training and development experts like Brian Lambert from Forrester Research, Inc. and Paula Cushing from IBM. Sessions hosted by LaVon Koerner of Revenue Storm and Richard Dickerson of The Brooks Group will feature new, timely data to help sales team managers make the right training decisions for today's market.


Each of our 10 sessions is available on-demand on your schedule. Session topics include:

  • how to build a high-performance, collaborative sales team
  • secrets to performing well in today's economy
  • how to transform your sales team from solution providers into consultative executive-level business partners

Registration is open and available for the next week so you can learn from our experts on your own time. Register now and follow us on Twitter @salesdrivers for additional insights all week long!