Many of you may have noticed a lot of buzz at our conference last May regarding ASTD’s new Communities of Practice (CoPs). We have been working hard for a couple of years to figure out how we can better organize our content and resources for our members. We determined that creating communities of practice was the best way to accomplish this goal. So in March we officially launched these new communities and since then we have had a great response from our members. 

Each community focuses on a key area of the learning and development field and is led by a community manager. I am sure that your products and services fall into one or more of these areas:

• Learning and Development
 Human Capital
• Learning Technologies
• Career Development
• Global HRD
• Government
• Sales Enablement
• Senior Leaders and Executives
• Workforce Development

Pick the CoP’s that align most with your company and visit those pages to sign up for their e-newsletter. This will help you understand current issues and trends impacting our members so you can better align your products and services.


I am happy to see that we created new ways for our advertisers to reach the CoP audiences through vehicles such as e-newsletter advertisements, webcast sponsorships, web banner ads and CoP sponsorships at the ASTD 2013 International Conference and Exposition. Be sure to talk to our partner Network Media Partners to find out more about ways to better target your advertising dollars. Also, the next big sponsorship opportunities for 2013 is our 2013 TechKnowledge Conference happening this month in San Jose, and our 2013 International Conference and Expo happening in Dallas this May.

I look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the CoP’s and if there are ideas on new ones we should consider- more will be coming that’s for sure.

Amanda Miller