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10 Steps to Successful Time Management

By  Cyndi Maxey, Kevin E. O'Connor

10 Steps to Successful Time Management

The funny thing about the phrase time management is that you can't really manage time. What you can do is manage yourself and your activities and thus save your life. Cyndi Maxey and Kevin E. O'Connor have written a book to help you do just that.

If you're tired of scrambling frantically on the hamster wheel of life, maybe it's time you jumped off and learned to really manage your time—and your life—so that you are in control of your own destiny. After all, life is all about time: How you use it, whether it controls you (or vice versa), and whether you get what you want from it.

The goal of this book is not to save you time (that can't be done, as you'll soon discover), but to save your life—the life you want to live while everything else is getting in your way. Although you'll certainly find plenty of techniques and tactics for managing time, the ultimate purpose of this book is to help you figure out what is most important to you personally and professionally, so that you can use your time wisely and productively.

Whether you're a career development specialist, trainer, coach, talent management professional, or a manager who simply wants to learn more about time management, 10 Steps to Successful Time Management can give you the tools you need to break out of unproductive patterns and take control of time and your life. You'll learn how important it is to

  • break your addiction to activity and "busy-ness"
  • manage your energy and your focus
  • do the most important things first
  • create a task list that reflects your true priorities
  • use the "magic" of connection to work with others
  • change yourself so that you can change your actions and attitudes
  • contribute to your organization without being dominated by it.

As you master the art of self-regulation, you'll find that you can control the parts of your life that can give you the results you want. And when you ask yourself "Who's in charge of my life?," you'll know that the answer is the right one.

Give yourself the chance to reclaim your life. It's about time!


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Cyndi Maxey
Cyndi Maxey, CSP, is an expert speaker and facilitator who energizes groups of all sizes through interaction, humor, and professionalism. President of communication consulting firm Maxey Creative since 1989, she is the author of five books on communication and presentation skills. She is a graduate of Northwestern University in communication studies and an award-winning volunteer for both National Speakers Association-Illinois and the Chicago Chapter of ASTD. Cyndi's active grown family and yellow Labrador retriever, Max, bring both balance and chaos to her life in Chicago. Check out Maxey's blog to get tips on speaking and connecting with people.
Kevin E. O'Connor
Kevin E. O'Connor is a corporate consultant, professional speaker, trainer, and author specializing in professional skill building for success. His firsthand knowledge of time management and working with teams comes from his practical experience serving on the boards of directors for three organizations. O'Connor holds three master's degrees and teaches graduate and undergraduate students at Chicago's Loyola University and Columbia College. He is also a faculty member for the American College of Physician Executives and the American College of Healthcare Executives. He has authored or co-authored eight books and resides in the Chicago area.


10 Steps to Successful Time Management is a pragmatic, easy-to-use guide to planning and managing your time more effectively. In this challenging business climate, organizing and prioritizing your time to achieve the most you can in the course of a day or a week is critical. Maxey and O'Connor do a great job defining the challenge and then providing solutions to best use your time. "The Time Bits" and "Coach's Corner" are great resources of helpful hints. A worthwhile read for any person who deals with the challenge of time management.
Tom Smith
President, Sales Division
Nestlé USA
Insightful ideas, excellent advice, and the means to embrace time in a more meaningful way. Applying these 10 valuable steps will help you grow and develop as a person and a leader.
Rick Gillis
GVP, Southeast Group
Dean Foods Company


Book Details

ISBN: 9781562867188

Pages: 152

Publisher: ASTD Press

Pub Date: November 2010

Formats: Paperback, PDF

Product Code: 111020

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