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ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition

New Material

Foreword, Tony Bingham
Introduction, Elaine Biech

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(Browse the first editions's table of contents to see how the second edition complements the original ASTD Handbook for Workplace Learning Professionals.)

Section I: The Training and Development Profession

Luminary Perspective, Shaping the Future of Training and Development, Bill Rothwell

1: The Evolution of the Training Profession, Kevin Oakes
2: ASTD’s New Competency Model, Jennifer Naughton
3: The Importance of Certification, Kimo Kippen, Jeff Toister, and Coline Son Lee
4: Take Charge of Your Career: Breaking Into and Advancing in the T&D Profession, Annabelle Reitman
5: The Occasional Trainer: What You Must Know to Help Others Learn, Harold Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps
6: What’s on the Horizon for the T&D Profession?, Jane Hart

Section II: Assessing and Analyzing Needs

Luminary Perspective, What I Know for Sure: Looking Through a Rearview Mirror, Dana Gaines Robinson

7: Needs Assessment: How Do Needs Assessments Align to the Bottom Line?, Roger Kaufman
8: Data Collection and Assessment: Finding the Right Tool for the Job, Ethan Sanders
9: Analyzing Needs to Select the Best Delivery Method, Jean Barbazette
10: You Want It When? Balancing Quality, Time, and Expectations Before Designing, Jenn Labin and Halelly Azulay

Section III: Designing and Developing Effective Learning

Luminary Perspective, Ideas for Designing and Developing Effective Learning, Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan

11: Design Models and Learning Theories for Adults, Darryl L. Sink
12: SAM: A Practical, Agile-like Alternative to ADDIE, Michael Allen
13: Using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to Flip the Classroom and Create the Best Blend, Jennifer Hofmann
14: Captivate Your Learners by Designing Effective Games, Simulations, and Activities, Tracy Tagliati, Karl Kapp, and Becky Pike Pluth
15: Creating Media Learning Content That’s Fast, Fabulous, Affordable, Jonathan Halls
16: Working With SMEs, Chuck Hodell
17: Curation of Content, Ben Betts
18: Legal Aspects of Learning: Protecting What Is Yours and Avoid Taking What Belongs to Others, Linda Byars Swindling and Mark V.B. Partridge

Section IV: Delivering T&D Solutions That Make a Difference

Luminary Perspective, Delivering T&D Solutions That Make a Difference Bob Pike

19: Evidence-Based Training: The Most Recent Research for Delivery, Ruth Clark
20: Keep Participants Engaged in Every Delivery Mode, Michael Wilkinson and Cindy Huggett
21: The Value of Experiential Learning, Bob Lucas and Kris Zilliox
22: A Serious E-Learning Manifesto, Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Will Thalheimer, and Clark Quinn
23: The Global Virtual Classroom, Darlene Christopher
24: Pervasive Learning: Formal, Informal, and Social, Dan Pontefract
25: Learning Informally in Your Workscape, Jay Cross
26: M-Thinking: There’s an App for That, Clark Quinn
27: Effective Social Media for Learning, Jane Bozarth
28: Supporting Worker Performance in the Workplace, Patti Shank

Section V: Transferring Learning and Evaluating Impact

Luminary Perspective, The Growing Importance of Measuring Results and Impact, Rob Brinkerhoff

29: Implement the Four Levels to Demonstrate Value, James Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick
30: The Basics of ROI, Jack and Patti Phillips
31: Building the Learning Transfer Competency of Participants, Cal Wick and Kathy Granger
32: Linking Learning to Performance, Paul Elliott
33: Results-Based Evaluation: Keeping the End in Mind, Karie Willyerd, Jenny Dearborn, and Sanchita Sur
34: Justify the Investment: Integrating Learning Analytics, Alec Levenson

Section VI: Expanded Roles of the T&D Professional

Luminary Perspective, Be Prepared for New Roles: Career Contemplation for T&D Professionals Bev Kaye

35: Designing an Economical and Effective Onboarding Process, Karen Lawson
36: Consulting on the Inside, Beverly Scott and B. Kim Barnes
37: Building Extraordinary Internal Teams, Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan
38: Securing Executive Support: Presenting to the C-Suite, Dianna Booher
39: Mentoring: Building Partnerships for Learning, Chip Bell
40: Helping Managers Develop Their Employees, Wendy Axelrod
41: What You Need to Know About Knowledge Management, Marc Rosenberg

Section VII: Managing the Business of Training

Luminary Perspective, Tying Training to Business Needs, Bill Byham

42: Developing Strategy for Training and Development, John Cone
43: Building Business Acumen, Kevin Cope
44: Managing From the Middle: Your Leadership Challenge as a L&D Manager, Tacy Byham
45: Project Management for T&D Professionals: Five Steps to Increase Your Effectiveness, Lou Russell
46: Managing Relationships With Universities, Vendors, Consultants, Rita Bailey

Section VIII: Developing and Leading Organizations: T&D’s Role

Luminary Perspective, Training and Development’s Role in Developing and Leading Organizations Ken Blanchard

47: T&D’s Role in Guiding Change, Pat McLagan
48: T&D’s Role in Engaging and Retaining Employees, Marcus Buckingham
49: Developing Leaders for the Future, Dr. Jean Leslie and Nick Petrie
50: Helping High Potentials Be Successful, Scott Blanchard

Section IX: Contemporary Challenges

Luminary Perspective, Learning Challenges of the Future: Personalization and Control Shifts, Elliott Masie

51: Developing Leadership Around the Globe, Bill Wiggenhorn and Renie McClay (with others)
52: Challenges and Solutions for a Multigenerational Workforce, Alexandra Levitt
53: The Neuroscience of Learning: How People Learn, Walt McFarland and Susan Goldsworthy
54: The Persistent Classroom, Dr. David Powell
55: Learning Is Not Optional: A CEO’s Perspective, Doug Conant

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