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Mentoring Programs That Work

By  Jenn Labin

Amazing Benefits, Unique Risks

A stellar mentor can change the trajectory of a career. And an enduring mentoring program can become an organization’s most powerful talent development tool. But fixing a “broken” mentoring program or developing a new program from scratch requires a unique process, not a standard training methodology.

Over the course of her career, seasoned program development specialist Jenn Labin has encountered dozens of mentoring programs unable to stand the test of their organizations’ natural talent cycles. These programs applied a training methodology to a nontraining solution and were ineffective at best and poorly designed at worst. 

What’s needed is a solid planning framework developed from hands-on experimentation. And you’ll find it here. Mentoring Programs That Work is framed around Labin’s AXLES model—the first framework devoted to the unique challenges of a sustained learning process. This step-by-step approach will help you navigate the early phases of mentoring program alignment all the way through program launch and measurement. 

Whether your goal is to recruit and retain Millennials or deepen organizational commitment, it’s time to embrace mentoring as one of the most powerful tools of talent development. Mentoring Programs That Work will help your organization succeed by building mentoring programs that connect people and inspire learning transfer.


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Jenn Labin

Jenn Labin is the owner of TERP Associates, a team that seeks to grow talent and ignite potential. For 15 years, Jenn has had success working with a wide spectrum of organizations, including large private sector businesses, government and military operations, and higher education institutions. 

Jenn is the author of Real World Training Design (ATD Press), a visual quick guide for creating exceptional results within tight budgets and timelines; and Mentoring Programs That Work (ATD Press). Jenn co-authored a chapter in the ASTD Handbook, 2nd edition, and has been published in the Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting journal three times. Jenn’s work also can be found in 101 Ways to Make Training Active and How to Write Terrific Training Materials. Jenn has a BA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in digital art, and an MA in instructional systems design.


Mentoring is not new, but many organizations fail to get the return on their investment of time, energy, and money when they put a mentoring program in place. Labin teaches companies how to design and implement a mentoring process that actually helps people learn, grow, and thrive at work. This book is a true road map for mentoring success.”
Randy Hall

CEO, 4th Gear Consulting

Labin provides a practical, systematic framework for the haphazard world of mentoring. If you want an effective tool for developing your people (and yourself!) read Mentoring Programs That Work.”

Tricia Emerson

President, Emerson Human Capital Consulting

This is a complete guide that addresses the critical elements for constructing a mentoring program that produces high-performing results. Labin writes with precision and clarity about how to design, plan, and execute a mentoring program that will work in the modern world we live in. The practical use of stories and real-world examples to illustrate key concepts keeps readers engaged and entertained.”
Randy Emelo

Chief Strategist, River; Author, Modern Mentoring

Book Details

ISBN: 9781562864583

Pages: 172

Pub Date: February 2017

Formats: Paperback, PDF

Product Code: 111714

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