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Real World Training Design

By  Jenn Labin

111204_Real World Training Design

Are you a learning and development professional responsible for creating training programs for your organization? If so, you probably know that every training project faces the constraints of time, cost, and quality. Real World Training Design employs the time-tested ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) model as a starting point in giving you the tools and knowledge you need to implement your training goals.

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Separating Real World Training Design from the rest of the training manual pack is its recognition that real-world challenges and opportunities are part of the process of developing every training program. Rather than gloss over the potential difficulties faced by trainers, managers, and other L&D staff, this book explores and addresses these issues head on, and offers creative and pragmatic advice on how to overcome these obstacles.

In addition to an in-depth analysis of the ADDIE protocol and coverage of the potential pitfalls you may encounter, Real World Training Design also delivers useful tools, detailed templates, well-researched case studies, and a list of additional resources to help you create truly productive and cost-effective training programs. With contributions from Elaine Biech, Trish Emerson, Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, Jean Barbezette, Janne Rochlin, Vicki Halsey, and a foreword by Ruth Colvin Clark, this book covers the knowledge and perspectives of some of the top experts in the L&D field.

Real World Training Design is tremendously valuable for every professional who is involved with the design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of personnel development tools.

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Jenn Labin

Jenn Labin is the owner of TERP Associates, a team that seeks to grow talent and ignite potential. For 15 years, Jenn has had success working with a wide spectrum of organizations, including large private sector businesses, government and military operations, and higher education institutions. 

Jenn is the author of Real World Training Design (ATD Press), a visual quick guide for creating exceptional results within tight budgets and timelines; and Mentoring Programs That Work (ATD Press). Jenn co-authored a chapter in the ASTD Handbook, 2nd edition, and has been published in the Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting journal three times. Jenn’s work also can be found in 101 Ways to Make Training Active and How to Write Terrific Training Materials. Jenn has a BA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in digital art, and an MA in instructional systems design.


 “Jenn’s book illustrates a clear understanding of how the professional adult learns.  The extensive use of relevant graphics makes the material clear and easily learned.  The use of the street metaphor helps those of us who are more process oriented to stay on track.  And the width of the explanations provides a clear pathway for both the new and experienced training practitioner.  I’d recommend this book to anyone who is an advocate of the ISD methodology.”

Brian P. O’Brien, President, Myriad Performance Services, Inc.

“Whether you are a novice or an expert in the field of learning and development, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Labin skillfully, patiently, and in plain language, takes you on a scenic and educational journey of training design. From the underlying academic theories and models, through training project management and best practices, and with practical tools and tips, Labin safely guides you through the instructional design process. Like any reliable road map, you will want to keep Real World Training Design close at hand as you embark on your own journey to create effective trainings.”

Deborah Petska, Director of Workplace Learning, Danya International, Inc.

“Jenn Labin shows that ADDIE is not dead, just misunderstood. She does a good job of explaining the content so that real people, with real business problems, can use it to solve problems.”

Greg Williams, EdD, Director and Associate Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County

“From its opening paragraph, Real World Training Design is a delightful surprise. Jenn Labin brings a skilled practitioner’s understanding of the reality of training design using fresh, colloquial language. She takes the reader on a productive journey through “design as a system,” shows how to avoid the design pitfalls that plague so many training projects, and offers entertaining and meaningful anecdotes that demonstrate how to use her concepts in the real world. Every page has practical, realistic suggestions that resonate with the experienced reader and help the novice navigate the complexities of design.”

Paul Renard, PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Department of Human Development, Adult Learning and Human Resource Development

Book Details

ISBN: 9781562868154

Pages: 216

Publisher: ASTD Press

Pub Date: May 2012

Formats: Paperback, PDF

Product Code: 111204

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