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Sales Chaos: Developing Agility Selling Skills that Deliver Value Customers Expect

By  Tim Ohai, Brian Lambert

What if chaos is good? What if random complexity is not the enemy, but a competitive asset instead? Could it be possible to thrive in the chaos, to actually harness it during your sales conversations?

Sales Chaos is a groundbreaking book that outlines a new paradigm that applies the latest research and the scientific principles of chaos theory to the challenges facing today's sales professional. The result of this philosophy creates a whole new approach to business, one in which sales conversations are driven by relevance, not simple activity. It's called Agility Selling.

Agility Selling is not a sales technique. Nor is it a sales process. While techniques and processes have value, Agility Selling is bigger than that. It is a genuinely fresh approach to selling, birthed by chaos and grounded in science. Agility Selling is a methodology designed to help you identify repeatable and predictable patterns in the complex world of selling so that you can consistently be more relevant than your competition and create more value for your clients.

It doesn't matter if you are new to sales or a seasoned professional; Sales Chaos provides the key information any seller should know to turn the scientific theory of Agility Selling into more relevant sales conversations and bottom-line sales results.


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Tim Ohai

Tim Ohai is the founder and president of Growth & Associates, a consulting group that focuses on solving sales and marketing problems. With well over a decade's worth of experience in developing sales team performance, he consistently helps Fortune 500 companies design and implement selling solutions internationally, build sales systems that increase revenue and customer loyalty, and create genuine coaching cultures. He is often asked to consult larger, more complex issues, especially around the topics of redesigning sales organizations and leading organizational change.

As a researcher, author, and recognized thought leader in modern selling, Tim's expertise and enthusiasm have taken him to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as both consultant and keynote speaker. His most recent book, Sales Chaos: Using Agility Selling to Think and Sell Differently, is on sale now.

Brian Lambert
Officially recognized by Sales & Marketing Management
Magazine as one of the most influential people in professional selling, Brian Lambert is your guide to the 10 Steps to Successful Sales (ASTD, 2009). This book gives you the benefit of his extensive doctoral research, experience training thousands of salespeople internationally, and interviews with hundreds of sales professionals and managers. He is currently director of sales enablement at Oxygen Learning.

With more than 15 years of work in sales, sales management, and sales training, Lambert is an internationally recognized expert on transforming sales team systems, processes, and people through learning. He has personally trained more than 15,000 salespeople and sales managers from across the globe, and he has also written two other books on professional selling, including World-Class Selling: New Sales Competencies (ASTD, 2009) with Tim Ohai and Eric Kerkhoff.

He holds an MS in human resource and information resource management from Central Michigan and a PhD in management from Capella University.

Book Details

Pub Date: April 2011

Formats: Paperback

Product Code: 131103

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