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Find Your Fit

A Practical Guide to Landing a Job You'll Love

By  Sue Kaiden

Find Your Fit - By Sue Kaiden

Master the new world of work.

You wantno you needa new job. But not just any job. The job. So you polish your resume till it shines. You apply for countless openings, tailoring your message to each. You search for the hidden job market, although it remains very well hidden. And the response? Well, it's underwhelming. To top things off, maze-like online application systems appear designed to keep you and the perfect job apart. What's going on? Read a sample chapter!

How people successfully land jobs has changed. You need help from a pro, someone who navigates career data, the labor market, and hot jobs with ease. You want a coach who will tell you what to pursue and what to avoid, and an expert who has mastered job-hunting and career change to offer wisdom gained from experience. What you need is a career coach. Better yet, several.

Expert career coaches contributing to this volume include Lakeisha Mathews, Dan Schwartz, Sheila Margolis, Alisa Cohn, Michelle Riklan, Marie Zimenoff, Laura Labovich, Lynne Williams, Thea Kelley, Jean Juchnowicz, Alan DeBack, Marilyn Feldstein, Vivian Blade, David Hosmer, Barbara Seifert, and Nicole Miller.

Find Your Fit guides you through answering foundational questions like: What do I want to do with my career? Where should I do it? And how do I get there? As you develop a strong sense of self-awareness, you'll be able to identify the work environment best for you, shape your online identity, and network more effectively by focusing on people instead of openings. You'll learn about coveted employee referrals, and how to get one at your target company. With the help of experienced career coaches, you'll be able to handle any kind of interview. And, you'll become familiar with the pre-employment testing and assessments increasingly common today.

What are you waiting for? Your personal coaching session awaits. 

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Lakeisha Mathews: 3 Secrets To Finding Your Perfect Job


Laura Labovich: 3 Biggest Myths in Today’s Job Market



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Sue Kaiden

Sue Kaiden is the manager for the Association for Talent Development’s Career Development Community. Prior to joining ATD, Sue held executive and consulting roles in the healthcare, IT, and nonprofit sectors before founding her career coaching firm, CareerEdge. In addition, she started a job search support program for unemployed and underemployed people in the Philadelphia area which she ran as a volunteer for 11 years. Through this program and her coaching practice, Sue helped hundreds of people find meaningful work. Sue is the author of Keeping Your Career on Track (TD at Work) and the editor of Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Landing a Job You'll Love, a book written with 16 top-notch career coaches that was published in October 2016.

Sue holds an MBA from Cornell University, a BS from Miami University (Ohio), and is a certified Myers Briggs (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory practitioner.  


I only wish I had Find Your Fit when I was 35 and faced with my first big career transition. I am wowed by the thorough know-how and skill building that is easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone at any stage of their career.

Elad Levinson
Organizational Change Master and Coach
Author, Thriving on Change

If you're searching for your next job or career, Find Your Fit should be mandatory reading. You'll learn step-by-step how to identify your strengths and leverage them to land your dream job.
Dorie Clark
Author, Reinventing You and Stand Out 
Adjunct Professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Find Your Fit has distilled some of the best career advice from expert coaches to help you land your desired job. Read this book if you want to successfully navigate the new employment landscape with confidence.
Dan Schawbel
New York Times Bestselling Author, Promote Yourself and Me 2.0
Sharing the combined wisdom of 16 well-respected career coaches and counselors, this unique book is a treasure trove of valuable information on all things career-related. Find Your Fit is a great resource and lifelong guide for both job seekers and career professionals.
Wendy S. Enelow
Executive Resume and Career Consultant
Author, Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed … Get Hired
Find Your Fit is a must read for careerists looking for a road map to their next great job. It’s the perfect blend of advice from a group of smart career coaches; you’ll end up not just knowing what to do, but knowing how to do it.
Candace Moody
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, CareerSource Northeast Florida
There is a great deal of evidence linking career satisfaction and fulfillment with health. If these areas are important to you, no matter where you are in that journey, Find Your Fit belongs on your shelf.
Beverly Kaye
Founder, Career Systems International  
Co-Author,  Love It Don’t Leave It and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

Book Details

ISBN: 9781562869465

Pages: 288

Publisher: Association for Talent Development

Pub Date: October 2016

Formats: Paperback, PDF

Product Code: 111616

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