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10 Steps Series Collection

Bolster your business skills with this 17-book collection of ASTD 10 Steps Series titles. Save more than 15%!

Member Price: $228.10
List Price: $250.20

Management Bundle

Use this bundle to develop your leadership abilities, engage your employees, and identify the skills you need for managerial success. In ACCEL: The Skills That Make a Winning Manager, ATD Research applies its newly developed ACCEL model to examine managerial success. This report will help you understand how ACCEL skills training is delivered and learn what barriers keep managers from effectively exhibiting ACCEL skills. Becoming a Can-Do Leader offers essential guidelines for can-do leadership, providing unique strategies and tools to help you identify your values and provide insight into your natural leadership style. And in Cutting Through the Noise, you’ll learn the various stages of employee engagement and find the engagement strategy that works best for your employees.

Member Price: $198.86
List Price: $457.26

A Toolkit for Leaders: A TD at Work Collection

This TD at Work collection can help leaders improve their performance, strategize for the future, and guide their teams through times of change. “A Toolkit for Leaders” includes seven TD at Work and Infoline issues for new, aspiring, and experienced leaders.

Member Price: $75.95
List Price: $89.95

Sales Training Bundle

This bundle explains everything you need to know about the current state of the sales profession—and how you can use this information to improve your own sales approach. Based on a survey of more than 200 sales enablement professionals, the 2016 State of Sales Training research report offers vital information on the barriers to effective training, the methods used to deliver training, and the frequency of sales training. Success in Selling presents research on key sales trends, explains the new ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model, and shows how organizations and individuals alike can assemble a world-class sales force.

Member Price: $220.11
List Price: $483.61

Basics Bundle

This basics bundle provides trainers with techniques, examples, and exercises in fundamental areas of the training process, including training design, facilitation, performance improvement, and coaching. Training Design Basics, 2nd Edition, explains how you can design successful training programs for the face-to-face or virtual classroom. Facilitation Basics, 2nd Edition, is designed to help you improve your facilitation proficiency. In Performance Basics, 2nd Edition, you will learn why focusing on performance improvement is so important to organizational success. In Coaching Basics, 2nd Edition, Lisa Haneberg presents a coaching framework to help you build influencing skills and develop your coaching abilities. And Evaluation Basics, 2nd Edition, gives you the guidance you need to develop and implement an evaluation plan for your training program.

Member Price: $127.25
List Price: $152.75

Culture and Change Bundle

New research has found that top performing companies—those leading the world’s markets in revenue growth, profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction—have robust cultures of learning. However, only 31 percent of organizations have well-developed learning cultures. Taking advantage of this huge area of opportunity is a must—but change never comes easy. The Culture and Change bundle will help you take the next steps to transform your organizational culture into one that values learning above all else.

Member Price: $198.86
List Price: $459.81

Telling Ain’t Training Ultimate Bundle

Four top-rated books dive deep into learner-centered programs and performance improvement through training.

Member Price: $112.03
List Price: $132.43

Core 4 Bundle

In the Learning Technology Community of Practice, there are four core concepts an instructional designer needs to be successful. These four books will ensure that you have the core knowledge to succeed in your role.

Member Price: $100.13
List Price: $118.83

The Gamification Bundle

Although gamification is a buzzword in the learning community, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what gamification is and how to use it for learning. The Gamification of Learning Bundle includes three great publications—The Gamification of Learning and Instruction, The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook, and “Game Design for Learning”—that will help you implement gamification in your organization.

Member Price: $118.96
List Price: $141.44

Four Volume Collection: Train the Trainer (PDF Download)

The four-volume Train the Trainer collection has practical wisdom, memorable case studies, and job aids just for you. The set includes 60 Infoline and TD at Work issues organized into four volumes, and features new training tools and techniques and evergreen content essential to the learning and development profession.

Member Price: $441.83
List Price: $509.83

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