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The Microlearning Bundle

This bundle will help any talent development professional become a microlearning expert. With the Microlearning: Delivering Bite-Sized Knowledge research report, the “Microlearning to Boost the Employee Experience” TD at Work issue, and Rapid Video Development for Trainers, readers will learn how to use microlearning to their advantage, whether it includes employee experience, video development, or knowing how to apply it. Also, this week Microlearning: Delivering Bite-Sized Knowledge will be on sale for $99 for members and $149 for nonmembers.
With Microlearning: Delivering Bite-Sized Knowledge, readers will learn the primary delivery methods organizations use for microlearning, as well as the effectiveness and top barriers of microlearning activities.

Member Price: $206.47
List Price: $469.12

Coaching and Mentoring Bundle

This Coaching and Mentoring Bundle can help any professional who wants to learn the basics of coaching and how to apply it to their professional lives. With Real World Training Design, Modern Mentoring, and Creating a Mentoring Program, any trainer will be well equipped. Ordering the Coaching and Mentoring Bundle saves 15% off of the individual price!

Member Price: $61.92
List Price: $72.97

Alley Cat Bundle (For the Resourceful Trainer)

Many L&D departments have a long list of training tasks—without the budget to match. The three-book Alley Cat Bundle will help you work with what you’ve got.

Member Price: $68.72
List Price: $78.92

House Cat Bundle (For the Classic Trainer)

Like a steady companion, the House Cat Bundle is there for you with the tried-and-true learning theory you need every day.

Member Price: $53.47
List Price: $64.52

Black Cat Bundle (For the Myth-Busting Trainer)

Have you crossed paths with training myths at work? Debunk learning lore with the Black Cat Bundle.

Member Price: $46.67
List Price: $58.57

All About SMEs: Building a Successful Partnership

If you’re an L&D professional, you rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide content for your courses, and SMEs rely on you to build courses that make that content understandable and actionable. All About SMEs: Building a Successful Partnership, a TD at Work collection, is designed to help you build a positive relationship with your SMEs so that, together, you can create learning experiences that benefit everyone.

Member Price: $67.95
List Price: $79.95

The Performance Bundle

Choosing the right strategies can be tricky, but with this bundle, you’ll learn how to do just that.

Member Price: $41.57
List Price: $50.92

Virtual Training Bundle

With this bundle, you’ll be able to grasp the basics of virtual training and learn how to excel with various tools and templates.

Member Price: $56.02
List Price: $66.22

Training All-Star Bundle

If you’re a training and development professional, this bundle is for you.

Member Price: $114.67
List Price: $152.07

License Bundle (Client Use)

The ATD Workshop series is written for trainers by trainers, because no one knows workshops as well as the practitioners who have done it all. This bundle includes all workshop program materials from the ATD Workshop series, including MS Office PowerPoint presentations and MS Word handouts. With this bundle, you’ll be able to customize these materials to best suit the needs for your clientele training program.  

Member Price: $4,579.80
List Price: $5,089.80

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