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Battle-Tested Breakthroughs

Premium Content
Ilyse Veron

In Zero to Breakthrough, Vernice FlyGirl Armour, the first African-American female combat pilot, talks about taking out obstacles in Iraq, business, and government. Before she was 30 years old, Vernice FlyGirl Armour had scaled heigh... More »

Ending Homelessness in Our Time: Why Smart Government Is Key

Premium Content

In the current political climate, the debate over governments role has often been about more versus lessmore government services, programs, and taxpayer dollars, versus reduced services, fewer rules, and less federal investment. But my two decades of experi... More »

Federal Leaders Open Doors to Tackle Homelessness

Premium Content

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Thomas Jefferson, 1796 We often hear this saying in connection with national security issues, particularly external threats. Within the last decade, the United States has experienced the attacks of Sep... More »

Homes Wiped Away by Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters leave survivors who will never recover from the impact or never own a home again. News coverage of Hurricane Irene showed ravaged communities and homes that disappeared under the floodwaters of swollen rivers. Atlantic seashore communities... More »

Interagency Collaboration Moves U.S. Closer to Ending Homelessness

Premium Content

In any single night in the United States, approximately 650,000 individuals are without safe and stable housing. One in 500 Americansand one in 67 Americans living below the poverty lineis in a shelter or on the street every night. While these numbers are staggering... More »

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