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TD Magazine

The September issue features theme articles focused on the human capital. Additional highlights include:

+6 Tips for Working With the Brain to Create Real Behavior Change

+Getting R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Quality Instructional Design

+Web Exclusive: Integrate Coaching Throughout the Talent Management Life Cycle

+Web Exclusive: Call Your Team to Greatness via Reality-Based Leadership

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September 2015 Issue

Talent Management, Disrupted

By Annmarie Neal and Daniel Sonsino

New, innovative, and agile approaches to talent management are urgently needed to keep up with future business needs.

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Shift Your Focus With Modern Mentoring

By Randy Emelo

A new approach to mentoring connects mentees with numerous advisers via social and collaborative means.


Organizations and Managers Must Reassess How They View Career Development

By Wendy Tan Siew Inn and Beverly Crowell

Regardless of whether your company's program is traditional or flexible, it must be transparent and supportive.


Six Tips for Working With the Brain to Create Real Behavior Change

By Britt Andreatta

Discover key principles for learning design that maximize the brain's capacity to learn, build memories, and develop habits.

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Derive Hard Numbers From Soft Skills

By Jack J. Phillips, Patricia P. Phillips, and Rebecca Ray

It is possible to measure the impact and ROI of soft skill programs.


Cultural Competence

By Mala Subramaniam

Borders are quickly blurring, so cross-cultural training must become an integral part of all management programs.



Julie Clow ++

Julie Clow is author of The Work Revolution: Freedom and Excellence for All. She currently serves as senior vice president for global people development at Chanel. Previously, Clow spent five years working for Google, focusing on organizational culture, team effectiveness, and leadership. She has her doctorate in behavior analysis.

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Tester Beware

By Pat Galagan

Psychometric testing is a multibillion-dollar enterprise, but has the predictive power of these tests grown with their popularity?


Maximize Your Well-Being for Greater Success

By Beth Cabrera

Feeling good and doing good, both personally and professionally, will improve your well-being.


Embrace the New Reality

By Paula Ketter

How organizations manage talent is at a crisis  point—talent development professionals can no longer use outdated, traditional practices to drive business impact.

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Getting R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Quality Instructional Design

By Diane Valenti

You know how to appreciate well-designed training, but how can you get senior leaders to share that appreciation?


Testing for a Leadership Gene

By Stephanie Castellano

A study shows that leadership abilities are partially dictated by our DNA.

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Top Twitter Chats

Take Your Work Home

Guidance for Managing Employee Development

Africa's Digital Gender Divide

Flexibility Is Key to Employee Happiness in a 24/7 Work World

Engagement Data Is Languishing

A Social Imperative for Job Seekers

+Free Articles


Localized E-Learning for Global Audiences

By Kristen Giovanis

How to roll out a multilingual e-learning program.


Leaders as Teachers: A Formal Connection to High Performance

By Carol Morrison

A new survey reveals that LAT programs increase engagement and learning effectiveness.


Establishing a Common Vision Among Healthcare Providers

By Eli Becker and Terri Armstrong Welch

A healthcare network sought to simplify its complex leadership development approach and align leaders across the organization.


Training Made of Trust

Nelson Santiago gains learners' trust by showing them that he takes their development as seriously as his own.

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Training to Increase Internal Mobility

One healthcare organization helps its caregivers imagine new ways to grow their careers.


Catalyze Your Leadership Career

Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others by Tacy M. Byham and Richard S. Wellins

Reviewed by Mark Deschaine

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Here's what you can look forward to in the October 2015 issue of TD magazine:

  • Trends and Tides in Talent Development
  • The Power of Choice in L&D
  • Remain Relevant in the Future Workplace
  • And much more! Check back on the first of the month to read the entire issue.


2014 State of the Industry Report: Spending on Employee Training Remains a Priority

Organizations’ training and development investments are at “a healthy level” compared with previous years.

Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage

ASTD launches a revised competency model for the profession.

Use Infographics to Enhance Training

An informative visual makes it easier for learners to understand and recall training content.

Training Learners With Hearing Loss

Adjustments are easy to make to accommodate learners who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have hearing loss.

Emerging From the E-learning Desert

When pitching an e-learning program to an organization that does not have one, use these four steps.

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