When it comes to informal learning, a primary role for the learning professional is learning promoter and facilitator. That role entails massively promoting all of the informal learning tools available, as well as their advantages. Here are four vehicles to include in your workplace learning mix:

Apps. Smartphones and tablets are where we are—wherever we are. Special apps can help learners to find the right information when they need it. As part of your planning process, start thinking about creating or purchasing an app that can hold pertinent data for your learning program.

Huddles. Many organizations are using communication meetings called huddles, typically held daily for a short period of time (perhaps seven minutes), as informal learning opportunities. Feed brief tidbits to the huddle leader to share and also promote sharing of best practices.

Blogs and wikis. Great additions to company intranet sites, wikis and blogs encourage the building and sharing of knowledge throughout an organization. Solicit and build participation by rewarding or recognizing learners for sharing best practices.


Job aids. Don’t limit yourself to a printed run schedule or a list of frequently asked questions when you think of job aids. A pocket guide or a computer monitor strip also can be useful.

These tips were adopted from the February 2012 Infoline, “Design for Informal Learning.”