"How would you define 'training' in 10 words or less? Can it be done?"
—Michael Colucci, New York, United States

"Transferring skills for necessary success; equipping and empowering the most valuable of resources; equipping and empowering the very front end of innovation."

"I'm going to break the 'ten words rule' and disagree with many of the definitions already given, and here's why: If the definition does not include or imply the influencing of behavior change, then it is not an accurate definition of training. ... We don't get paid just to help people understand, although it is often (not always!) a prerequisite for effectively influencing a change in behavior. We get paid to influence others to do things differently—better, slower, faster, friendlier, calmer, more profitably, more sustainably. So in ten words, my latest attempt: Training is influencing a change or continuation of an action or behavior."
—Ross Page, Brighton, United Kingdom

"Showing people how to behave differently to get better results ... I think that's 10 words exactly."
—L. Michelle Baker, Washington, D.C., United States


"Ensuring that learning actually takes place."
—Todd Ross, Texas, United States

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