According to Larry J. Bloom, author of The Cure for Corporate Stupidity: "Just like software has bugs, we have bugs in how we think and make decisions. These mind-bugs can cause a lot of corporate stupidity." What mind-bugs do you need to expunge?

Informed leader fallacy: A belief by a leader that he is better informed and has better instincts than others simply because he is the leader

Snap judgment defense: Defending decisions made solely on snap judgment

Shooting the critics: The tendency to marginalize people who disagree with us

Seeing patterns that are not real: Identifying patterns in random data when none exist

Data rejection: A reflex-like rejection of new facts because they contradict existing norms

Data favoritism: Selecting, using, and favoring data in a self-serving, unquestioning way

Shortcomings denial: Underestimating our own shortcomings by not believing we have them and assuming we can control them


Experience bias: Believing future events will occur in a specific way based on our prior experience, and not seeing differing conditions

Competency blindness: Believing others are competent in areas they are not (and vice versa) when it suits our subconscious needs

Conforming error: Subconsciously conforming our thinking to the thinking of our group

Power insulation: When power structure discourages disturbances to group beliefs

Status quo: Sticking to the status quo and creating significant friction that works against new ideas

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