The roles of top learning executives are evolving quickly and it's our goal to map that territory in ASTD's Senior Leaders and Executives Community of Practice. We want this community to support those who are at the top of their profession and those who are on the way there so that they can better support their organizations.

In this community we will address critical issues such as how to deliver the capabilities organizations need to achieve goals now and in the future. We will support senior leaders' efforts to partner strategically and to measure and demonstrate learning's success in terms that organizations value. Here, you'll see how senior leaders are managing their value propositions so they can make a real difference where they work.

The Senior Leaders Community of Practice also is a place to develop others—where those who have arrived can guide others to the top. We'll look to our community members to show others the best career paths and predict the skills that future chief learning officers must have. This is a place where aspiring CLOs can learn from the best and most experienced leaders in the field.

This community will be a resource for senior leaders who might be filling a gap in their own professional knowledge, looking for a refresher, or helping fill the pipeline for their own jobs.

Our webpages are refreshed continually with contributions from learning leaders and experts with lessons to share. We use the multiplying power of social media to find and share the best examples, the most promising research, and the most creative solutions.


As community managers, our job is to meet the needs of our members, so of course we want to hear from you if you are a senior leader or executive. Let us know what would make the time you spend in this community valuable for you. Share your concerns and challenges. Ask questions. Tell us what you are doing that merits sharing with your peers. Write some blog posts. Offer to be a mentor. Get involved.

It's easy to connect. Just contact us at the email addresses below. And you can follow us on Twitter (@ASTDSrLeaders).

Pat Galagan
Community of Practice Co-Manager
Senior Leaders and Executives

Nancy Olson
Community of Practice Co-Manager
Senior Leaders and Executives