"QR codes are a great way to increase interactivity in a fun way, and increase the likelihood of the individual taking a recommended action," writes Kella Price, author of the January Infoline, "QR Codes for Trainers."

QR codes connect people to one another and to digital content, Price says. Here are four ways to think about using QR Codes in your next training event.

For tours and orientations. As new employees tour a facility during onboarding, include QR Codes throughout stops on the tour to provide employees with information about each of the various departments and its role. The QR Code could open document files or a video or audio file.

To explore stories in problem-solving activities. Learners can scan a QR Code to watch a film, and then solve a problem. The QR Code can provide questions, and learners can use polling, survey, or text methods to submit their individual responses.


To link to modules or performance support tools and job aids. For example, if an employee needs help processing a return at the checkout, he can scan the code at the register for a step-by-step job aid.

To get attendees to interact with each other. For example, you may have a slide or graph in your training session that you want participants to analyze. Post a QR Code in the corner of the visual that loads a discussion board where participants can comment or give their opinions.

These tips were adapted from the January 2013 Infoline, "QR Codes for Trainers," by Kella Price. For more information, go to www.astd.org/infoline.