Market conditions for mobile learning are extremely positive in Asian nations.

The mobile learning market in Asia is booming, accounting for nearly half of all revenues worldwide. In fact, mobile learning revenues in Asia are predicted to reach a staggering $6.8 billion by 2017, according to a recent forecast and analysis report from Ambient Insight.

The Asia Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services analyzes data on more than 140 mobile learning suppliers in Asia. The report reveals that Japan, South Korea, and China were the top buyers in 2012. It also forecasts that China will be the top buyer by 2017, followed by India and Indonesia. Malaysia has the highest five-year growth rate in the region, at a breathtaking 57.5 percent.

A primary catalyst for this explosion in Asia is the increase in mobile value-added services (VAS) products, which deliver free learning content to users and subscribers. Interestingly, Ambient found that mobile learning is quickly overtaking traditional self-paced e-learning in the Asian market. The report forecasts that by 2017, 10 countries in Asia will be spending more on mobile learning than on e-learning.


It appears that large rural populations across Asia are now avid users of mobile learning technology, while few have experienced self-paced e-learning on a PC. The Ambient report refers to this as the "leapfrog effect."

According to Ambient CEO Tyson Greer, "Buyers in Asia are not substituting mobile learning for e-learning; they are leapfrogging e-learning altogether." As a result, learning suppliers are targeting the mobile device as the delivery platform of choice in those economies.