If you've wanted to use high-quality, professional photos in your training materials, you might have come across some roadblocks. For instance, the best images often are prohibitively expensive for a training budget. Maybe the images you can find simply aren't what you're looking for, or the quality isn't high enough.

Unsplash aims to make your photo- and image-gathering process much easier. Its thousands of photos are all 100 percent free to download. They use the Creative Commons Zero license—this means that all the images are yours to download and use; and while giving credit to the photographer is encouraged, it's not required.

The images are donated by the photographers, all of whom have Unsplash profiles that can be linked back to. (The site has a "Made with Unsplash" page that showcases some of the projects—both artistic and commercial—that use Unsplash images, from advertisements to the backgrounds of webpages.)


Unsplash offers a "new" photos tab, as well as featured collections chosen by curators. There also are collections sorted by style of photo—so if you're looking for textures, interiors, coffee, the color yellow, music, city life, and many more, there are plenty of options. You also can use the "explore" tab to find some of the most-searched themes on the site, or use the search bar to look even more specifically.

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