Predictions include a focus on change leadership, participant-led learning.

If you had a crystal ball that revealed the trends the talent development industry will experience in 2017, what do you think you would see? Leadership development firm Fierce Inc. has made its workplace predictions for the upcoming year, and foresees five trends.

"Fast-paced," "VUCA," "disruption"—you hear these terms all the time regarding the constant change happening in organizations. In 2017, Fierce predicts that change leadership will become a critical skill that all leaders—not just those at the executive level—will have to master.

Another projection is that conversations will gain emphasis in performance management. "More organizations will focus on the competency of conversations—from coaching to feedback to confrontation," Fierce says. The result is that employees will initiate conversations beyond the annual review to get what they need when they need it.

Among those things that employees want is to get in the driver's seat when it comes to their development—so create systems that will enable them to do so.


What are employers seeking? Fierce trainers say they've heard increasing requests for more options for innovative, on-demand, and interactive training that leaves a bigger impact on learners.

The final trend Fierce anticipates is the expansion of diversity and inclusion initiatives within and in addition to existing training content.

"2016 has brought to light a number of issues that organizations are looking to address head-on in 2017, with an unprecedented urgency," says Susan Scott, CEO of Fierce. "Employees are demanding their workplace not only be safe, but one in which they are able to advance on their own terms."