Companies would be wise to use this valuable source for filling talent gaps.

"Un-retirees" or boomerang workers—individuals who come out of retirement or return to work for a previous employer—are an underused resource for filling talent gaps. That's according to Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers, a report released by ManpowerGroup Solutions. These workers are "an underdeveloped talent pool with unique qualifications that can help employers address the talent shortage," the report states.

Whether using boomerang workers for part-time positions or on a per-project basis, there are numerous benefits to hiring them. For one, they have institutional knowledge. Also, they're already familiar with the company culture.

Further, "retirees who return to work are often choosing to continue to work and that is a big selling point for employers," says Sarah Brown, program director for ManpowerGroup Solutions Europe. "It demonstrates dedication and commitment."

The report offers some strategies companies can use to attract boomerang workers:

  • Plant the seed for future part-time work. Before a retiring employee's last day, communicate that there could be potential work opportunities with the company post-retirement.
  • Emphasize flexibility. Retirees will still want the freedom to pursue other interests while also completing work assignments. Additionally, consider allowing phased retirement, where employees gradually reduce the hours they work each week or the weeks worked over a particular time period.

"Generational diversity is one more tool in the diversity toolbox that savvy companies can employ to maintain competitive advantage in today's global search for the recruitment and retention of top talent," the report notes.