Workplace by Facebook, which already enables co-workers to connect through its Groups, News Feed, and Chat suite of features, is adding to its usability.

In its early stages, the new integration tool—Facebook Graph API—will help organizational IT developers comply with single sign-on capabilities. There are plans for taking the app to the next level by making it easier for IT folks to integrate Workplace into company resources and business applications—such as Salesforce or Box.

Among the organizational users of Workplace are Campbell's, Save the Children, and ClubMed. In addition to adding businesses to its users list, Facebook is enlisting system integrators such as Deloitte to adopt the software and raise its profile. The Facebook for Developers site provides guidance in setting up Workplace.

The introduction of Workplace is a further indication that the company wants to get away from advertising to a paid model for business. New company users can get a free three-month trial when signing up; after that, the pricing is tiered depending on users. However, nonprofits and education institutions can avail themselves of Workplace for free.

Workplace's Groups feature provides a public forum for selected individuals within an organization, while News Feed keeps employees abreast of the most critical news of the day. Chat allows for communication while on the go, as well as the sharing of documents and videos.

In addition to the web app, Workplace—which launched in October 2016 and whose functionality will be familiar to most of us—is available for smartphones.