A member of the Internet Time Alliance and co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, Charles Jennings explains of his blog posts, "I write for my own purposes." Perhaps this authentic, free-from-influence voice is one of the reasons Charles Jennings | Workplace Performance is such a frequently shared learning and development blog.

In his December 2016 post, "Will the App Become the New Classroom?" Jennings affirms that classroom learning—some type of experience where learners come together—still has a place and purpose, but emphasized the role of technology: "Google is the largest educational provider on the planet. Google needs no classrooms."

And in the compelling "Being Bold and Imagining the Different," Jennings points to John Muir's turning toward "redwood cathedrals" and explains that without Muir, U.S. parklands would have been used for utilitarian purposes: "Today the world of L&D is a little like the world the young John Muir confronted. This is a world where some good work was taking place to open eyes to new and exciting environments, but where the dominant mindset was constraining even better things from happening."

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