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Nine Keys to Leading the Workforce of the Future

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My passionate belief has been, and is today, that leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do. Yet it is what leaders donot what leaders arethat others see and judge. So what can a leader do? Define a clear vision that has its foundation in the organizations valu... More »

Teaching Not-for-Profits to Fish with HPI

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Human performance improvement (HPI) is a field that is generally applied in business. Most of the time, practitioners are external consultants, but there are some internal positions as well. Rarely do you see an HPI practitioner work for a not-for-profit, however, becau... More »

Change is Like a New Bathing Suit

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People experience change in their personal and professional lives every day. Perhaps you must travel a new traffic route due to construction, or reschedule a meeting because your work priorities changed. With our years of experience in dealing with change, you'd think w... More »

Know Your Destination Before Departure

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Toni Hodges DeTuncq

One of the biggest challenges in conducting impact studies of performance-improvement programs is that the organization is not clear on exactly what they hope will change. It is not surprising that programs often provide little impact when it has no objective. An organi... More »

White Paper: ROI in the Public Sector

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Public sector organizations have been aware of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for centuries. CBA was originally developed to assess the feasibility of large public projects, first in France in the 1600s, then in the United States in the early 1900s. Public sector organizat... More »

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