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Stayin’ Alive by Creating a Career Contingency Plan

Premium Content

For the first time in my life, I am the one in my group of five friends who is still employed. Two thoughts run through my head. First, it makes me wonder if I have learned any lessons from my three bouts of unemployment due to downsizing, rightsizing, or political misa... More »

Surf the Tsunami to a Federal Job

Premium Content

The federal government is hiring! That certainly is good news in an economy that has offered little more than bad news for the better part of a year. Baby boomer retirements, along with increased federal budget and stimulus money, have converged to make this a good time... More »

Five Tips to Rev Up the Mobile Warrior: Creating Your Own Fortress of Solitude

Premium Content
Terrence L. Gargiulo

Are you experiencing the fatigue of the mobile warrior? Its great to travel and work remotely, but sometimes it can wear you down. Even Superman needed a place where he could be himself and rechargehis Fortress of Solitude. Here are five of my favorite tips to keep your... More »

Understanding the Career Development Process in Today’s Market

Premium Content

Whether your job fell victim to the current economic crisis or youre simply seeking the next position to enhance your career, its important to take some time to make sure youre going after the right things. A few simple steps can help. Conduct a self-assessment First, d... More »

Selling Sales Training in a Recession

Premium Content

Imagine waking up in a strange world one morning, totally unlike the world you knew yesterday. Your previous skills are useless and none of your cause-effect predictors work. Gravity is stronger in this new world, and it is all you can do to drag your suddenly overweigh... More »

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