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Assessing Competencies to Determine Learning and Training Needs

Premium Content

To assess competencies, learning professionalsnot just performance professionalsmust work with a competency model that is measurable, one that identifies the competencies of the position or job, as well as the behavioral indicators, behavioral anchors, or work outputs a... More »

Building Leaders at ATK Aerospace Systems

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Jeff Brody

Change has been a continual part of ATK Aerospace Systems over the past year. The companys workforce has been faced with uncertainty as Congress finalizes the NASA budget and a new president defines technology required by the Department of Defense. The economic downturn... More »

Leverage Learning to Maximize Business Value

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At ASTD 2010 in Chicago, three of the biggest names in measurement and evaluationJack Phillips of the ROI Institute, Jim Kirkpatrick of Kirkpatrick Partners, and Robert Brinkerhoff of Western Michigan Universityjoined together to discuss what learning professionals need... More »

Five Fallacies About Time

Premium Content
Lisa Haneberg

One of the barriers middle managers face regarding time is their perception of time management. How many times have you heard yourself, or a fellow middle manager, utter these statements: Time is precious. There is never enough time! If it aint broke, dont fix it. If it... More »

Middle Managers: Eleven Techniques for Navigating Mucky-Muck

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Lisa Haneberg

Teams rely on their managers to cut through the mucky-muck and help them get their jobs done. Middle managers are most likely to face mucky-muck because they interact with more functions, levels, groups, and individuals than others in the agency. Once mucky-muck present... More »

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