When interviewing a potential employee, the main goal is to determine if that person will succeed in the position. However, most of the time, this can feel like a stab in the dark. Conventional interviewing wisdom can only go so far in today’s ever evolving corporate landscape. Past experiences, skills and knowledge will only provide a partial picture of a prospective employee’s potential. In order to get the full picture, an interviewer must determine where a candidate falls on a five-point spectrum. These key elements include: motivation, or a commitment to excel in the pursuit of selfless goals; determination, or the strength to struggle for difficult achievements despite setbacks; engagement, or an aptitude for using both emotion and logic to connect with coworkers and clients; curiosity, or predilection for gaining new experience, knowledge and skills; and insight, or an individual’s skill for gathering and synthesizing information into new possibilities. A hiring manager on the lookout for these five traits is more likely to hire a potential candidate that will thrive in a position, rather than just do the job as assigned.