Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can help training professionals get the most out of their training dollars. One of the ways MOOCs can be more efficient is by reaching a larger number of individuals for very little cost. Usually, courses are split up into numerous short instructional videos that take the place of the traditional classroom and instructor, and involve some sort of evaluation in the form of an online test, a peer-reviewed project, or some combination of the two. While they most likely won’t take the place of traditional universities, MOOCs offer unique opportunities for professionals looking to expand or acquire specific skills that they may not have the time or the funds to acquire in a traditional classroom. The potential of MOOCs can also be seen in the training industry, where face-to-face sessions can add a new dynamic. MOOCs can also be used after a training session to reinforce the lessons learned and help trainees keep in touch to construct professional networks.
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