According to Gallup research, companies with high-quality leaders achieve 27 percent higher revenue per employee than those with mediocre management. When these companies select the right individual contributors for specific roles, this can add 6 more percentage points in revenue increases. High levels of employee engagement will add another 18 percentage points, and focusing on and fostering the strengths of those employees can add another 8 percentage points. Obviously, these numbers are not static, but they demonstrate the impact effective management can have on a bottom line. “If only 10 percent of the organization’s teams are maximizing all four human capital strategies you still get a boost, which most organizations would love to have,” says Gallup’s chief scientist, Jim Harter. “As you expand on the teams using all four strategies the returns will increase.” These four strategies: hiring top-quality leadership, selecting the right contributors, focusing on strengths, and engaging employees should be the ultimate goal of every management team. According to Gallup’s recent research, these tactics will absolutely boost the productivity and profitability of every team member.