Onboarding isn’t a new concept, and onboarding tactics have proven to be important in attracting talent: But what can be done to keep that talent after the “honeymoon phase” is over? Recent studies have shown that employees who stay at companies more than two years get paid 50 percent less than those who job hop. How can employers convince their best employees to stay? The answer is “inboarding” or creating new opportunities for top performing employees. However, that process is more complex than simply replacing one employee with another in a preexisting position, also known as “hiring from within.” This process has to do with helping existing employees improve their knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes to discover new paths within an organization. It’s the process of keeping top employees abreast of current and emerging culture and opportunities at an organization. Companies who inboard successfully are always looking internally, and do not divide departments with rigid job descriptions. Projects are not departmentalized, and these organizations offer opportunities for any team member that expresses interest in a particular task. This allows employees to choose their own developmental path, increasing engagement and productivity.
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