Employee training is essential in ensuring knowledge gaps are filled, and a workforce remains up to date on the newest and best practices for conducting business. However, many companies still don’t make training much of a priority. There are several key benefits to any essential training program. First, training greatly increases productivity. Timely and relevant training that equips employees with new ideas, best practices, and skills will increase a workforce’s abilities and confidence. In fact, there is measurable return on investment when training and development are made a strategic priority at an organization. By giving employees pre- and post-training assessments, qualitative and quantitative data can be gathered on the effectiveness of a training regimen. Effective training also adds the benefit of increased employee satisfaction and retention. Turnover comes with tremendous cost, but by investing in employees, an organization can help workers feel more connected, valued, accountable, and focused. Numerous studies have shown that training increases engagement and satisfaction, and as a result, decreases turnover.