Innovation is highly prized in the business world, but creating and fostering an environment of innovation is often difficult. Collaboration can help spur innovation, but collaboration itself isn’t enough. Some organizations are now learning that one of the best ways to accomplish innovation is by gamifying it. According to recent Garner research, more than half of companies that manage their innovation processes will gamify them by 2015. But what does this gamification look like? First, it seeks to channel energy towards a single goal. It needs to foster a collaborative, crowd sourced environment. In this setting, employees are motivated by the bigger picture and feel like they are contributing to the greater good of an organization. It’s important to connect the dots for employees, too, demonstrating how their contribution to a particular solution was incorporated. Receiving tangible rewards for their contributions will help foster a sense of worth and ownership. It is important also to ensure that ideas are acted upon. While gamifiying, be sure to include room for employees to “get their hands dirty,” for example through contests and rewards, to see which idea works best. This process of trial and error, while rewarding successes, can lead to a culture of innovation.