For most organizations, hiring the absolute best talent out there is not a viable strategy. The only way to attract the absolute best and brightest is to pay much more than competitors, and many organizations are unwilling or unable to do that. A far better strategy is to hire hard-working, well-suited employees and optimize their performance. This can be achieved in many ways. The first is by recognizing that each employee is unique. Not everyone is driven by money or power, and to bring out the best in an employee, employers must recognize this reality and motivate employees accordingly. Having a purpose beyond money can help with this. While the primary role of a job is to earn a paycheck, a workforce will be more engaged, and work harder, longer, and better, when they see a purpose behind their work. This purpose should be woven into the fabric of an organization, and be substantive and meaningful. Another way to optimize employee potential is by offering them outlets for feedback. Employees feel more valued when they are contributing to the conversation. It’s also beneficial to realize that for an employee to be great, they don’t necessarily have to be imitating their boss. Everyone has their own style and work strategy—allowing and encouraging that style will help every unique employee work up to their potential.
View Source: Forbes