Training usually brings to mind visions of formal sessions and procedures; however, there are many subtle ways to groom employees without engaging in formal training processes. One of the simplest and most effective ways this can be accomplished is simply by having one-on-one talks with them. Specifically, these conversations should be about the employee’s goals, and how they are working within the organization to accomplish them. Expanding on this idea means creating an environment where leadership sits down with all the employees and communicates openly and honestly about what’s going well and what isn’t. During these meetings, it’s important for leadership to communicate the organization’s core values and how employees should be working to incorporate those values into their day-to-day work. And on the day-to-day level, management should never simply correct employee’s work, but rather explain to them why it’s wrong and how to do it better in the future. Overall, managers should strive to be role models for their employees – examples of the behaviors and attitudes they wish to see in their workers.