One of the most enduring myths in hiring is that a person with a college degree makes a better employee than a person with only a high school diploma. Research shows this simply isn't true. A report from labor market analysis firm Burning Glass Technologies documented this “credential creep” in positions that historically didn't require a college education, but are now more likely to demand it. For example, the report found a 21 percent credential gap for computer help desk workers, which means 39 percent of workers in that position hold a BA, but 60 percent of current job postings require one. While employers generally see a college degree as an indicator that a potential employee will have communication skills, technical prowess, or the ability to see a job through to the end, there are data that suggest this isn't always the case. Sunstone Analytics, a San Francisco–based recruiting startup, found that customer support representatives at one financial services company were actually less likely to receive strong performance reviews if they held a bachelor’s degree.