Determining the right person to hire is important in ensuring the future successes of an organization. And while experience and skills are easy to assess, emotional intelligence is a little more difficult to nail down during the interview process. That’s why it is important to craft thoughtful, informative interview questions that will indicate who is right for the job. One good question to ask is, “Who inspires you and why?” The answer can give interviewers insight into the type of people potential hires admire, and can also highlight their behavioral patterns. It's also important to ask potential hires what skill sets they think they are missing. The desire to learn and better oneself is an important quality to look for in a new hire, and know-it-alls tend to struggle to come up with an answer. A third potentially revealing question can be asking interviewees to list the factors they think have contributed to their success. The way this answer is framed can show if an individual is selfish or more of a team player.
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