Employee turnover is a fact of life, but how a manager responds to an employee thinking about jumping ship may make the difference in that employee’s decision to stay or go. If the employee is a top performer, it’s important to tread lightly. “It can impact the culture in a team in a negative way,” says Michael Kerr, an author and international business speaker. “There’s a substantial cost and time commitment involved in replacing and training new employees.” First, gather the facts before approaching the employee. Managers don’t want to appear paranoid or accuse anyone of disloyalty. Next, be proactive. If it comes down to an exit interview, the company has already lost, says Kerr. Instead of setting up an exit interview, consider a “what will keep you here” interview. This involves regular feedback, check-ins, and honest conversations. “Ask them what their on and off switches are at work—you may be surprised how easily some of their concerns can be addressed,” says Kerr. 
View Source: Business Insider