Workplace diversity is an important goal, for both social and business reasons. Achieving diversity in the workplace, however, shouldn’t be a matter of federal law or vague directives handed down from upper management. To truly achieve diversity and inclusion, there needs to be involvement from every level of leadership within a company. According to Theodore Henderson, author and entrepreneur, the best way to reach this goal is not only leadership by example but through the use of several specific strategies. First, small teams should be established to get new employees actively involved and integrated into the company’s culture as soon as they come onboard. Induction into a company’s culture may happen naturally, but it’s better to be intentional about the process. Mentorship programs should also be established to encourage retention among all employees and to set up long-term career goals. Additionally, learning and development programs should be established that focus on building relationships among all employees and developing underutilized skill sets. It can also be helpful to schedule activities outside the workplace to encourage healthy friendships among colleagues.
View Source: Forbes