Countries across the Middle East understand that if a workforce isn’t happy, productivity is going to suffer. Companies who employ unhappy workers are increasingly counting the costs. One of the best ways that companies in the region can increase happiness and, by extension, productivity, is through transparency. A recent Gallup poll found that on average, only half of employees have a clear idea of what is expected of them in the workplace. This leads to confusion, mismanagement, and inefficiencies. To address the issue, all worker expectations should be out in the open, and all communication regarding these expectations should be clear and concise. Additionally, work-life balance should be increasingly prioritized. Everyone understands there are nights where a few extra hours will have to be put in, but this should never be the expectation. Reassurance that employers care about and respect their employees’ free time will go a long way in increasing happiness, engagement, and productivity while on the clock.
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