There is a toxic trend in leadership that is killing employee engagement and destroying organizations—hypocrisy. Hypocrisy shows up in many places. It’s the leader who claims to value respect and kindness in the conference room but demeans employees in their office. It’s the manager who appears in the training video stating plainly that every employee’s contribution matters, but won’t even talk to those beneath them. Simply put, it’s saying one thing and doing the other. In any workplace, accountability matters. Leadership needs to act in ways that align with company values, and if they can’t they should be let go. By employing leaders who don’t “walk the walk,” organizations are undermining their credibility with their employees. This destroys morale and creates an environment ripe for turnover. Leaders should instead act as role models, demonstrating the behavior they expect to see in their employees. There is no room for “do as I say, not as I do” in the workplace—that concept is toxic and should be eradicated wherever possible. Companies should strive to have one set of expectations for both employees and executives. If leaders are allowed to act with impunity, what does that say to everyday employees?

View Source: Inc. Magazine