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LX Briefing

Packaging Manufacturer’s Investment in Leaders Boosts Production

Phaedra Brotherton

Ball Corporation - once famous for its glass jars - is one of today's leaders in the metal packaging business for the food and beverage industry and a major service provider to the government and the aerospace industry. More than 14,000 employees work for the 130-year-o... More »

Summer Is Over—Is Your Brain Appropriately Stretched?

Bounce Matthew Syed HarperCollins Most of the books for this monthly list are our own choices, but a friend gave us this book, perhaps as a hint to improve our own professional performance. Author Matthew Syed, a world champion table tennis player, looks at the factors ... More »

It's the Culture

A new report shows a direct positive correlation between learning culture - the collective practices that encourage and enable open sharing of information and all forms of employee development - and business outcomes. The research from Bersin & Associates - "High-Im... More »

Digging Beneath Your House and Digging Into Work

The Secret Life of the Grownup Brain: The Surprising Talents of the Middle- Aged Mind Barbara Strauch Viking Well, it's good to know that despite forgetting where I left my wallet and iPhone this morning, my middleaged brain is not really turning to mush. And, if you be... More »

If Everyone Is a Contrarian, Is Anyone?

Rework Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson Crown Business It is popular to take the nontraditional approach. In fact, being counterintuitive is almost the rule today. Fried and Hansson follow the contrarian road in this book that is so short it almost qualifies as ... More »

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