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LX Briefing

Crying in Your Beer Over Wall Street and Your Health Insurance

Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America Matt Taibbi Spiegel & Grau Matt Taibbi, who most people know through his ground-shaking (if a bit wordy) pieces in Rolling Stone, is an acquired taste; but he seems to resonate wel... More »

Diversity: The Business Case

For too long the definition of diversity among organizations was linked to feel-good hiring practices and images in an annual report. But a recent study suggests that there is a lot more to be gained from emphasizing diversity practices than feel good policies and PR op... More »

International Police Force Develops Psychological Competency to Enhance Professionalism

Phaedra Brotherton

The Hong Kong Police Force is considered one of the largest city police forces in the world, and Hong Kong is considered one of the safest cities. The force has evolved from a paramilitary organization to one with a service pledge to "serve with pride and care," but des... More »

Is it Time to End Brainstorming?

I have always wondered about the term "brainstorming," but to be honest, I never gave its source too much thought. As it turns out, it was the brainchild of advertising giant Alex Osborn (the O of the famous BBD&O advertising agency) as was described in his 1948 boo... More »

Those Who Follow the Old Ways Will Die

Mixing case studies, stories, and actionable recommendations together with humor and easy-to understand language, Jay Cross provides much more than buzzwords and back-patting, or so says his bio. He also has some very strong opinions on the future of workplace learning.... More »

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