The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to healthier living through aquatic education and research. Founded in 1965, NSPF is the leading educator for industry, government, and academic professionals interested in pools, spas and aquatic facilities, training over 300,000 people in 70 countries. NSPF disseminates scientific advances through its educational products, a leading scientific conference and a scholarly journal. NSPF educational materials incorporate the latest scientific findings and exploit online technologies to make learning easier and more convenient. NSPF earns revenue almost exclusively from their world-class educational materials and then reinvests those proceeds to help mankind through new educational materials and grants to elevate their field.

The Challenge

When NSPF first approached Vivid Learning Systems (VLS) they were interested in one thing: a training portal. NSPF needed to distribute scientific advances and training across 70 countries, including certification courses. They needed ability for students to register and have on-demand access to training, specially their Certified Pool Primer Operations course. NSPF’s global reach required multi-language training to satisfy the needs of an international audience with courses in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian. Most importantly, NSPF was looking for a customer-centric partnership.

The Solution

What Vivid Learning Systems provided for NSPF went above and beyond what they had expected. VLS worked with NSPF to address their challenges, which continually grew as the relationship grew. Once the training portal was delivered, VLS helped expand NSPF’s business with a variety of different products and services. What began as a challenge to provide a training portal to NSPF grew into a robust ecommerce platform and a trusted business partnership between two unique companies. Not only does NSPF use Vivid Learning Systems training content, VLS has also given NSPF access to the VLS template and trained them on how to develop the training. Consequentially, NSPF continues to reign as the leading organization for providing aquatic training material worldwide.


Training Portal:

  • Offers 80+ on-demand courses from aquatic course titles to compliance training courses covering OSHA, healthcare, environmental management, electrical safety (NFPA 70E), DOT, employment law and ethics; as well as, a variety of professional development titles.
  • Gives members a central access for NSPF multi-media files from webinar archives to educational videos for continual learning.
  • OTS customization and custom development.

NSPF World Aquatic Health Conference:

  • A supplemental component to online training courses, the NSPF’s annual conference covers current issues and solutions to help improve aquatic safety and health benefits
  • Offers VLS’ film crew records and edits the entire conference.
  • Video is published in seminar format and made available on-demand as an additional component to NSPF’s training covering: emerging trends, new mandates and regulations, and industry experts’ insights.

Website and E-Commerce Storefront

  • NSPF’s ecommerce platform truly changed their business by improving their online presence and earning revenue from products and services. Doing so allowed NSPF to actively promote aquatic safety through their training materials and share resources to professionals in the aquatic industry. As a result brand awareness and customer relationships improved as well.
  • Books, CDs, merchandise, registration for the World Aquatic Health Conference are mare available.
  • On-demand training courses are distributed to more than 70 countries in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The Result

When Alex Antoniou, Director of Educational Programs for NSPF describes Vivid Learning Systems, he states that, “no matter what the issue or challenge, there will always be a solution proposed”. This customer centric partnership is the driving force that keeps NSPF coming back to Vivid Learning Systems, year after year. Anyone can preach customer service excellence but only a few can deliver service recovery. Alex Antoniou has contacted customer support on various occasions at night and over the weekend: “Not only did I get a response over the weekend, but the problem was also fixed over the weekend!”

NSPF has seen exponential growth with their online training courses and ecommerce storefront. More people have access to the training material than ever before and are able to take training at their convenience and in a variety of different languages. “We’ve seen significant growth in our online learning – in revenue generation one particular course stands out, our main course – the pool operator primer”, said Antoniou. More than 282,000 people have been successfully certified in this course, which was designed to provide basic knowledge, techniques and skills of pool and spa operations.

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”- Anonymous. Vivid Learning Systems did just that. They gave NSPF more than a website and training material. Vivid Learning Systems provided a business partnership by empowering and educating NSPF on how maximize the potential of the VLS product offering in order to reach the desired business goals and objectives.