Finally! A simple, fast, and credible evaluation tool that we can use to tell what is working in a new initiative, what is not working, and how the initiative could be more successful.

In The Success Case Method: Find Out Quickly What's Working and What's Not, Robert O. Brinkerhoff - a professor at Western Michigan University and an internationally recognized expert in evaluation and training effectiveness - systematically takes the reader through the Success Case methodology.

The process starts with planning the success case and creating an Impact Model, which defines how successful behaviors and results will look. Emphasis is on linking initiatives to key business goals through a "line of sight" approach.

Brinkerhoff then describes the process and tools used to search and identify successful cases. The stories - which provide verifiable accounts of the actions and results real people have experienced when applying learned skills in the workplace - cite solid evidence that he backs up with documentation.


What's more, he tells the readers how to create and communicate reports. His proven methodology combines storytelling with rigorous evaluation to unite the credibility of scientific findings with the emotional impact of stories.

He also offers guidelines on interviewing survey respondents to determine what is really happening on the job as a result of application of the learned skills, what results are being achieved, the value of those results, and what could be done to get more people to use the skills. Overall, this is a must read for anyone who evaluates the impact of learning.

The book presents tools, illustrations, examples, and checklists to help you provide believable, compelling, and useful case studies.